Sustainability Plan

17.3408° S, 145.9276° E


A 15 year plan to restore catchment condition and water quality to the Great Barrier Reef

We are shaping a new approach for large-scale, systematic improvement in water quality to the Great Barrier Reef.

The foundations for a strategic approach were laid over several years. From 2016, we commenced work towards developing a catchment plan that could be implemented with the support of our community and that could measure the catchment's contribution to water quality targets of the Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan 2017-2022.

Our journey involved developing a catchment-based investment model that identifies a set of interventions able to deliver faster, more significant improvement in water quality. It is underpinned by targeted scientific studies, applied science projects and development of a management tool that filled knowledge gaps in catchment processes, areas generating high sources of pollutants across the catchment and the effectiveness of potential interception technologies

The Technical Report is ground-breaking in that it changes the nature of the challenge - it recognises the catchment and Great Barrier Reef as connected systems with the health of the Reef dependent on catchment condition.

What it will deliver

Main heading 


Environmental outcomes include reestablishment of:

  • 110 ha of wetland

  • 940 ha of rainforest

  • 30 kms of creek bank

Community outcomes include:

  • Establishment of the Wanjuru Sustainability Team


Guiding the future

In 2020, we developed a whole-of-catchment sustainability plan to prioritise investment in catchment restoration and water quality to the Great Barrier Reef using the Queensland Government's 'Whole-of-System Catchment Management Framework'.