Our work



Preserving function and value

We perform system repair to protect or improve the ecosystem services we depend on to maintain our social, cultural and economic well-being.

Our approach is to work with catchment processes by maintaining and improving an ecosystem's structural components and managing current and emerging threats to their functioning.

Our activities involve a high level of integration with other initiatives to improve overall outcomes for the environment, which are enhanced through revegetation with native plant species, control of pest species and planning for climate change.



Flowing to the Great Barrier Reef

Our solutions are based on whole-of-catchment planning to design treatment systems that target the highest sources of pollutants.


We work with the community to identify opportunities across the landscape, farmers and landholders to implement and trial site-specific on-ground interventions, and scientists to test new technologies and monitor progress.

Our activities include restoration of natural filtration systems, rehabilitation of waterways and construction of water treatment technologies.