Environmental Restoration in the Russell River Catchment

Updated: Sep 13

The Reef Assist funding establishes vital nature-based employment opportunities for local Aboriginal people while targeting critical issues impacting water quality, invasive weeds, and habitat protection in the catchment. The project is expected to create 8 jobs with associated training opportunities in Babinda. A further 7.4 jobs will flow to the Cairns region. Over $5.1 M of economic benefit is estimated to result from the initiative locally, regionally, and nationally.

Designed through broad community involvement and engagement, including landholders, Traditional Owners and local community organisations, revegetation will protect stream banks in Babinda Creek and McPauls Creek while also strengthening biodiversity corridors critical to local threatened species. Reestablishment of an additional 5.8 hectares of habitat for native species, while contributing to climate change mitigation through sequestration of 1735 t of carbon dioxide.

Control of a transformer weed undertaken in partnership with QPWS will protect Eubenangee Swamp - a Nationally Important Wetland and cultural heritage site for Wanjuru people.

Reestablishment of a small wetland adjacent to Babinda Creek will provide critical habitat for native aquatic and fish species. Through partnership with TropWATER (JCU), a high-tech surveillance camera will live stream images to track ecosystem restoration over time and the value of additional habitat for birdlife.

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Qld Government (Department of Environment and Science)


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